Finding the perfect SEO provider is every aspiring reseller’s common problem. Nowadays, it is very unsafe to rely on the ubiquitous SEO reselling vendors on the Web because majority of them are just moneymaking schemes and frauds. There are also SEO providers who steal their end clients by secretly contacting them without their notice, and Resellers that steal the provider’s secret strategies and end up starting their own companies.  รับทำ seo

White Label SEO is the answer

Many SEO providers today treat their reseller as regular employees, a typical middleman hired to promote and deliver a service firsthand to customers in unreachable localities and areas. Resellers handled by these kinds of providers have no right to know the internal SEO business and own their clients. The concept of end client and ownership is in existent in this kind of reselling platform.

Few years ago, SEO providers who hated this idea of reselling came up with an innovation that changed the face of SEO. They came up with White Label SEO, a form of business partnership that allows resellers to own their businesses, to help not only abused resellers but also business hopefuls. According to these pioneers, they found the old tradition a strange way of treating hardworking and talented “middlemen”, and even considered it as the highest form of modern “slavery”.

Many have predicted that this White Label SEO thing was just a fad, one that will die down as soon as it becomes popular and made-known to company owners (especially the small business owners). They say it will fade away gradually, as if it never happened. However, we all know that this prediction has failed to become true, and the “trust-driven” partnership has dominated the SEO market ever since its introduction in the SEO market.


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